Meet Kristen Girardi

Meet Kristen Girardi your certified TempSure Envi specialist. She came to Optix eager to help people grasp the importance of eye health. Kristen has been with us for 4 years and is now CPO, CPOA certified. She is excelling and growing what we are able to offer our clientele with the newest radio-frequency (RF) technology at Optix. Dr. Walters (newly married, now Dr. Crouch) discovered an instrument called TempSure Envi which uses RF to treat Dry Eye Syndrome.  Originally developed to reduce fine lines a wrinkles, this one of a kind treatment has also been known to reduce the irritation of dry eyes!Kristen Girardi

Kristen has taken the lead on this exciting technology while creating a whole new brand of care at Optix, Skin Care. “First and foremost I love helping people and making them feel better about themselves. If I am able to do that as well as being able to help the people suffering from dry eyes then I would say, That’s a pretty good day at the office!” -Kristen

To find out more about TempSure Envi and meet Kristen come out to Maggie B’s May 30th Downtown Weaverville from 4:30 – 6:30. We will be in the back room with wine and cheese to share. Hope to see you at our WINE & Learn event.



I don’t think we need to outline the obvious connection between our eyes, vision and our appreciation for art. Because we love art and are fortunate to have incredibly talented artists here in Weaverville, we want to share some of the recent local artists that we have been inspired by. We are proud to own and display their incredible work in the office.

local artist Vickie BurickVickie Burick, who is also a local musician, specializes in natural light photography. Her gallery of fine art photography portrays a closer, more intimate look at nature and the world around us.  She perfectly captured an image of the total eclipse from last year that has a beautiful abstract quality that resembles an eye. Please explore more of Vickie’s timeless work at


Denby Dale is a mixed media artist residing in Weaverville, NC. She is known for her adaptability within several artistic mediums including sculptural encaustic painting, abstract drawing, and small format assemblages. The abstract approach to all of her work is consistently informed by the embrace of color and mark making movement, juxtaposed with form driven minimalism. Find more colorful creations by Denby at


In line with enjoying local artist we hope you all will get out and experience this years Art In Autumn September 15th from 10:00 – 6:00. We will also be hosting a Pop-Up Shop at Optix Eye Care On Saturday and Sunday, September 15th and 16th from 10 – 6. The Pop-Up will be featuring all local artisans so you can make the most of your artsy Weaverville weekend! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to find out more details about this upcoming event.

One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, ‘what if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?’  -Rachel Carson

Optix is Proud to Host Denby Dale for the Weaverville Art Safari

Denby Dale Art SafariThe Weaverville Art Safari is just around the corner! Optix is proud to be hosting Artist Denby Dale in our lobby April 28th and 29th 10 am – 5pm in participation with the Art Safari.

Her work was recently featured on the cover of The Laurel of Asheville magazine. She is also currently in the show ‘Form & Function’ at Contemporaneo Asheville downtown Asheville. That show is on display until June 30th.

Denby will be showing encaustics, mixed media drawings/paintings and small format assemblages in the form of wearable belt buckles and hanging plaques.

Please join us in supporting our talented local artists! We would love to see you on safari!


artist Denby Dale    artist denby dale


Total Solar Eclipse

Mark your calendars for the 2017 total solar eclipse! Make sure you are prepared to experience the phenomenon with proper ISO Solar Shades! It may be a once in a lifetime experience but you only have one set of eyes so make sure they are protected! Check out some fun facts on the total eclipse here.

Support Weaverville’s Reems Creek Greenway project and experience a once in a life time event with sub sandwiches and back to school SALES at Optix Eye Care!

Total Solar EclipseWe have Solar Shades available now at Optix for $3.00 with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Weaverville Greenway project. The Eclipse Peeks in Weaverville at 2:37:32 pm when the moon obscures 98.8% of the sun. Make sure you have your solar shades in time.

We would be honored to witness this event with you. JOIN US AUGUST 21st from 1:30 to 3:30 pm for a SOLAR ECLIPSE SUB SANDWICH EXTRAVAGANZA. We will also have some great back to school specials running the 21st – 25th so make sure you take advantage of these great deals.

For more detailed information on safe ways to view the total eclipse:

To stay up to date on the latest information on the Reems Creek Greenway project follow Connect Reems Creek on Facebook:

Wash Your Glasses 101

WASH YOUR GLASSES WITH SOAP AND WATER! Think about it, your glasses are on your face, do you want them stock piled with germs and debris? Not only is it good hygiene but it improves your vision and extends the lifespan of your glasses when you wash them properly. To list a few of the most common undesirables we regularly see caked in around the lenses, hinges and nose pads: dead skin cells, dried sweat build up, make up, hair products, dirt, etc. You get the point, wiping your lenses with a microfiber cloth just doesn’t cut it.

Microfiber Cloths are great when you are out and about; however they build up dirt over time. If you never fully wash your glasses and cleaning cloths you end up wiping dirt around on your lenses which will result in scratched lenses and eventually obstructed vision. You probably have seen this on your glasses at some point. It looks as though someone put hundreds of tiny circular scratches all over the lens with a super fine sand paper. If you never wash the frames, the salt in our skin as well as other beauty products dry out the frames over time which makes them more brittle and more susceptible to breakage.


Wash your glassesSTEP 1With clean hands, put a drop of dish soap on your finger tips. (Dawn, Palmolive, etc.) -Hand soaps are not recommended as they often contain lotions which can smudge the lenses.

STEP 2Wet frames with room temperature water and rub entire frame and lenses with dish soap.      *NEVER USE HOT WATER AS IT CAN DAMAGE THE COATINGS ON THE LENSES

STEP 3Rinse frames and lenses again with room temperature water making sure all soap is removed.

STEP 4Dry the glasses using a clean %100 cotton or linen towel. When wet these fibers do not scratch.


If you properly clean your glasses regularly you will; reduce scratches on the lenses, improve your vision through the lenses and add longevity to your favorite frames! The moral of the story is: Wash your glasses with soap and water!

What happens if/when you get a scratch on your lens? Remember coatings are scratch resistant not scratch proof! Life happens… so you probably will get a scratch at some point and when you do, contact your optician. All the best Anti-reflective/Anti-scratch coatings provide a 1 year warranty. Take advantage of it!


New Year, New Glasses, NEW YOU!

New Year, New Glasses, New You!

If you’re thinking about making a change I suggest starting with a new frame! When you greet anyone the first thing you do is make EYE CONTACT! Whether you like it or not this means your glasses are one of the first things people see. There is a reason the expression is “head to toe” and not the other way around. Why is it normal then to have multiple pairs of shoes but only one pair of glasses? Yes, the average pair of glasses costs more than a pair of shoes, however, over the course of a year, glasses are not really what breaks the bank. Hair, makeup, nails… most women spend at least twice as much on these beauty upkeeps every year than they do on the glasses they put on their faces!

The analogies are endless and different for everyone but the argument is the same… GLASSES ARE ON YOUR FACE and the first thing people see! Glasses also determine how well we see the world around us. What good is a HD TV screen if the lenses we use to see that screen are distorted or scratched?

I have been fitting glasses for nearly 12 years now. It never gets boring because the possibilities and combinations of styles and personalities are endless. Yes, there are good fits and bad fits but there are so many different and great fit options out there… HAVE SOME FUN! If you are a contact lens wearer why not give your eyes a break? Go bold and start mixing glasses into your wardrobe more often.

GLCO Cloy frame

Garrett Leight California Optical: Cloy in Matte Black-Pewter

GLCO Dillon Frame

Garrett Leight California Optical: Dillon in Demi Blonde



STEP OUT OF YOUR BOX, literally! Consider trying on ROUND frames! Almost daily I hear people declare “I don’t look good in round glasses.” With the right round shape that same person later admits round looks “surprisingly good”. There are endless articles that will tell you what frame shape looks best on your face shape… They are about as helpful as someone telling you that if you have a white canvas you should paint with black. It’s unnecessarily limiting and a huge over simplification of fitting glasses. THERE ARE NO SET IN STONE RULES!







WOOW Eyewear: So What 1

WOOW Eyewear: So What 1

CONSIDER COLOR! Blue is finally blowing up as an option for men and women in many collections and it is more and more popular with a wide range of available looks.

ProDesign Denmark, Danish Heritage 4733

ProDesign Denmark, Danish Heritage: 4733

WOOW Eyewear: Marry Me 1

WOOW Eyewear: Marry Me 1



Barton Perreira: Cassady

Veronika Wildgruber: Victoria

Veronika Wildgruber: Victoria











Purple is and has been for years the most popular by far for women. Even women who say they hate the color purple often find it to be one of the most flattering and versatile colors to wear on their face with any wardrob


FRAMELESS… BREAKING MY OWN RULES… Generally I find that rimless glasses can make a person look older than they actually are. Most people try to avoid this! Recently, Silhouettes came out with the Pulse collection that is so fun and playful, it breaks this generalization! We love the new shapes and you can’t beat the comfort!

Silhouette Titan Minimal Art: PULSE

Silhouette Titan Minimal Art: PULSE

Fitting glasses is an artform. There are basic guidelines, but it is a skill that one crafts over time. Not everyone has the same tastes but a big part of an opticians success is in their ability to find the style that makes the individual look good AND feel comfortable with their new image and improved vision.

Whether you are itching for a change, or you’re convinced the pair you have been wearing for the past 4-6 years is as good as it gets… STOP INTO OPTIX FOR A FREE STYLING SESSION! If you think you are a hard fit, TEST OUR SKILLS and frame selection!  No obligation to buy! Just let us show you what a transformation a frame change can make!


Local Cloth Fashion Show – Art You Can Wear

With our passion for independent eyewear, we are inspired and encouraged by Local Cloth’s Project Handmade fashion show and all the artists who participated. When it comes to fashion and sustainability, Local Cloth continues to build a community around learning and sharing what they do. They offer regular workshops year round and also put on one impressively responsible fashion show every other year.

Fashion Show, Veronika Wildgruber, Mary Ray, Local Cloth

Jeans-Deconstructed & Reconstructed by Mary Ray from Banner Elk, NC.  Featuring Veronika Wildgruber “Strange Love” sunglasses.

This year we were fortunate to be a part of the biannual Project Handmade fashion show styling eyewear to compliment truly creative wearable art. As described on their website, the event “featured 42 garments made with locally sourced materials fashioned by local fiber artists. Techniques included spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, and of course design and sewing. The purpose of this event is to promote innovative use of materials and resources available in our region and to spotlight the economic potential of supply chain collaboration.”

This show sets itself apart from other fashion shows by holding a much higher standard for the quality it presents on the runway. Not just beauty but skill… That skill is executed with a responsible process that pays attention to detail not only in aesthetics and technique but how they source and even harvest their materials.

This Fair Isle North Carolina Cardigan by Martha Owen from Murphy, NC was made from wool from her sheep and dyed with indigo, cochineal, marigolds, lichen & mushrooms.

Fashion Show, Local Cloth, Project Handmade, Martha Owen, Woow Eyewear

Featuring Woow Eyewear “Keep Cool 2”


This was a personal favorite on the runway titled “Local Color” from artists Barbara Zaretsky from Asheville, NC. The shawl is hand-dyed with local walnuts. The shift is also hand-dyed using locally grown weld. It was a stunningly sophisticated set.

Barbara Zaretsky, Asheville, North Carolina, Local Cloth Fashion Show


This textile by Jessica Vedeler from Asheville, NC called “Simple Elegance” is woven organic fabric from local firm, Spiritex.

Woow Eyewear, Jessica Vedeler, Asheville, Local Cloth, Fashion Show

Featuring WOOW Eyewear “Be Happy 2”


Visit Local Cloth’s Community Dye Studio and Learning Center during the WNC Open Studios Tour this weekend, October 14th-16th, 10 am – 5 pm.

You can also go to to find out more about the non-profit organization and the many events they offer in our community.

Vicki Bennett

“Mountain Print Vest” by Vicki Bennett, Vicki Wilson (metalsmith)

Fashion Show, Local Cloth, Asheville, Liz Spear, Neal Howard

“Red-N-Black Fit-N-Flare Coat” by Liz Spear & Neal Howard

Fashion Show, Loretta Dian Phipps, Local Cloth

“Volcano Meets Ocean” by Loretta Dian Phipps












All hair and makeup beautifully designed by Ananda Hair Studio.

Photography by Max Ganly


Blue Light Hazard- Youth at Greatest Risk

Blue Light Hazard- Youth at Greatest Risk


We are all involved in an experiment right now… and our eyes are the petri dishes!!  Please hear me….our children are at the greatest risk!!   We have no idea what is going to happen to the health of our kid’s eyes as they get older.  I want to shout it from the rooftops the dangers of blue light.  As your community eye care professional… it is my responsibility to educate you about these dangers.  I am starting with our youth, and then in subsequent blogs… I will discuss further the other dangers that blue light poses.  I fear for our children’s future as it relates to their eye health!!


What is blue light?  It is the blue part of the visible light spectrum- between 400 and 500 nanometers.Untitled
The sun is our biggest exposure.  However, now we are exposed to indoor blue light: fluorescent lighting, compact fluorescent lighting, LED lighting and LED screens.  It is an overexposure to blue light that is damaging.  As it is a cumulative lifetime exposure to blue light that causes photo-oxidative retinal damage that leads to Macular Degeneration.  Due to advancements in technology, we are exposed to more blue light today than at any point in human history. We can’t get away from electronic devices… it is not realistic… they are a part of us now…almost like another appendage.


You ask… why are children at more risk?  They have shorter arms (the closer the device- the more intense the energy), larger pupils, and very clear crystalline lenses which allows blue light to enter at full strength.  There is also a protective pigmented layer in the macula that filters blue light (more to come on this later), but it does not start developing until our early 20’s.  Therefore, not only can more blue light get into kid’s eyes, but it can do more damage.


In addition to time spent outdoors, a 2012 study showed that kids age 8-18 years old spent an average of 9 hours on electronic screens held close to their eyes. WoW!!


So…. What can we do about it? I don’t think you will be able to take away your teenager’s Iphone!!  No, I don’t think that’s an option… I have a teenager… I know!!


As of yet, there is only one lens that filters 100% of the harmful blue light.   It is called a BluTech lens.  It is not a tint… it has ocular lens pigment (our natural protection within our eyes) that is infused into the lens.  They are available as an indoor lens and an outdoor lens.  You can get them in prescription or non-prescription, as well as clip-ons to go over your current eyewear.  I do not let my kids use an electronic device without them… and now, they don’t even want to.  They say they can barely stand to look at a LED screen without their BluTech’s on.  In fact, to protect my own eyes, I don’t get on a device without my BluTechs!!

To learn more go to:


In Good Health,


Dr. Kim Walters