Meet Kristen Girardi

Meet Kristen Girardi your certified TempSure Envi specialist. She came to Optix eager to help people grasp the importance of eye health. Kristen has been with us for 4 years and is now CPO, CPOA certified. She is excelling and growing what we are able to offer our clientele with the newest radio-frequency (RF) technology at Optix. Dr. Walters (newly married, now Dr. Crouch) discovered an instrument called TempSure Envi which uses RF to treat Dry Eye Syndrome.  Originally developed to reduce fine lines a wrinkles, this one of a kind treatment has also been known to reduce the irritation of dry eyes!Kristen Girardi

Kristen has taken the lead on this exciting technology while creating a whole new brand of care at Optix, Skin Care. “First and foremost I love helping people and making them feel better about themselves. If I am able to do that as well as being able to help the people suffering from dry eyes then I would say, That’s a pretty good day at the office!” -Kristen

To find out more about TempSure Envi and meet Kristen come out to Maggie B’s May 30th Downtown Weaverville from 4:30 – 6:30. We will be in the back room with wine and cheese to share. Hope to see you at our WINE & Learn event.