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Meet Kristen Girardi

Meet Kristen Girardi your certified TempSure Envi specialist. She came to Optix eager to help people grasp the importance of eye health. Kristen has been with us for 4 years and is now CPO, CPOA certified. She is excelling and growing what we are able to offer our clientele with the newest radio-frequency (RF) technology […]


I don’t think we need to outline the obvious connection between our eyes, vision and our appreciation for art. Because we love art and are fortunate to have incredibly talented artists here in Weaverville, we want to share some of the recent local artists that we have been inspired by. We are proud to own […]


Mark your calendars for the 2017 total solar eclipse! Make sure you are prepared to experience the phenomenon with proper ISO Solar Shades! It may be a once in a lifetime experience but you only have one set of eyes so make sure they are protected! Check out some fun facts on the total eclipse […]

Wash Your Glasses 101

WASH YOUR GLASSES WITH SOAP AND WATER! Think about it, your glasses are on your face, do you want them stock piled with germs and debris? Not only is it good hygiene but it improves your vision and extends the lifespan of your glasses when you wash them properly. To list a few of the […]

New Year, New Glasses, NEW YOU!

If you’re thinking about making a change I suggest starting with a new frame! When you greet anyone the first thing you do is make EYE CONTACT! Whether you like it or not this means your glasses are one of the first things people see. There is a reason the expression is “head to toe” […]

Local Cloth Fashion Show – Art You Can Wear

With our passion for independent eyewear, we are inspired and encouraged by Local Cloth’s Project Handmade fashion show and all the artists who participated. When it comes to fashion and sustainability, Local Cloth continues to build a community around learning and sharing what they do. They offer regular workshops year round and also put on one […]

Blue Light Hazard- Youth at Greatest Risk

Blue Light Hazard- Youth at Greatest Risk   We are all involved in an experiment right now… and our eyes are the petri dishes!!  Please hear me….our children are at the greatest risk!!   We have no idea what is going to happen to the health of our kid’s eyes as they get older.  I want […]